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The Real Hidden Dangers of a Roof Leak

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If you have discovered a roofing leak that has been occurring over a long period of time in your mid-20th century home, and the insulation throughout your ceilings and the drywall was damaged, you could have toxins airborne throughout the home. If you have asbestos, lead, or mold, you want to get the issues fixed.

A roofing company needs to come to address the leak. The water from the leak could be down the exterior walls of the home and in other places, so you want to call a home inspection company right away. Ask about the following problems.


Asbestos is a mineral fiber a lot of construction material manufacturers used to strengthen products, but can be fatal if inhaled. It could be in the insulation throughout the walls, in the plaster that was used for walls or ceilings, in ducts, drywall, and more. You'll want to have all of the asbestos that was moistened removed, and you should consider having the entire home tested. Having all of the asbestos extracted prevents future hazards with the material.


If your home has layers of lead paint on the walls, or there is lead in other building materials, the lead will also cause problems because of the moisture from the roof leak. Lead can cause developmental problems for children, infertility in both genders, organ failure, and anemia. All materials with lead should be removed as the first option, encapsulated as a second.


You could have a serious mold problem inside your walls if the water has been there for a long time. This can cause allergies, sinus infections, respiratory complications, asthmatic attacks, and other illnesses based on each person's reaction. You need to have the house cleaned by a professional mold removal company, and all of the building materials need to be treated to stop the problem from spreading further.

If you can see you have a water problem and you are worried that your mid-20th century home could have some of these problems, you want to call the right professionals, such as Vancouver Hazmat Solution, to make sure that the dangers are going to be removed and treated the right way. You don't want to put anyone in your home at risk, or put their health in jeopardy. Don't wait another minute to call and get help to get the roof repaired, leave the house if necessary and to have your home treated.