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Just Had Your Windshield Replaced? Avoid These 3 Things On The Way Home

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If you have been dealing with a windshield crack, you are probably pretty excited about picking up your car from the glass company and driving it home with its new windshield. However, if you want to ensure that your windshield sets into place as it is supposed to and doesn't leak or otherwise become damaged, you will need to be careful. Things should be normal in a couple of days, but make sure that you avoid these things when you're driving home for the first time with your new windshield.

1. Potholes and Speed Bumps

Be very careful when you are driving your car after your new windshield is installed, and avoid potholes and speed bumps if at all possible! Your new windshield won't be ready for all of this jarring, so it's important to drive around them if you can. If not, drive your car as slowly as possible into the pothole or over the speed bump, and enter from an angle rather than driving head-on to help lessen the impact.

2. Highway Speeds

You might be tempted to get on the highway to head home with your new windshield on your car, but it's best to take the city streets or back roads instead. Highway speeds can put a little too much pressure on your new windshield and could cause problems. Plus, if you do end up driving over bumps in the road, they are more likely to cause a problem if you are driving at higher highway speeds. In fact, it's best to stay off of the highways completely for a day or two if you can possibly avoid it, and you should be careful about speeding on other streets as well.

3. Closing Your Windows

Your glass installation professional will probably leave your car windows cracked a little bit when you pick up your car. Even if the wind noise is annoying while you are driving, you shouldn't close your windows just yet. Keeping the windows open will help with the air flow and will take some of the pressure off of your new windshield, particularly when you close your doors. This means that you will need to park your car in a garage or carport if you are worried about the weather, since you shouldn't close your windows until the next day—or later, if your glass installation professional tells you to give it a few days.