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The Benefits Of A Chimney Balloon

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Chimney balloons are installations for fireplaces that most people haven't heard about. They are an alternative to traditional dampers, which are metal covers to your chimney that act to prevent air from flowing into your home when you don't have a fire in your fireplace. However, because chimney balloons are made out of a fireproof plastic, they provide a better seal than dampers do. Understanding the benefits that chimney balloons provide your home can help you make the decision to have one installed.


Chimney balloons act to effectively stop drafts from developing in your home when your fireplace is not in use. Warm air rises, and as such will rise up your chimney. Metal dampers will block some of the heat from passing out of your home, but they won't create an airtight seal, and some heat will be lost, which can make it much colder in your home during the winter months. Chimney balloons fill a complete seal in your chimney when you don't have a fire going, preventing any heat from a central heating unit from escaping your home.

Lower Energy Bills

By the same token, you will have lower energy bills, as you will have to pay less to maintain the temperature in your house during the winter months. This also applies in the summer months, as chimney balloons can help keep cool air in your home, reducing your air conditioning bills. This can save you money in the long run, helping to pay off the cost of installing a chimney balloon in the first place. This makes chimney balloons a smart investment for all homeowners, regardless of climate.

Keep Animals Out

Squirrels and other rodents often make nests in chimneys and attics, where they can get into the drywall and cause all sorts of havoc, not to mention pose a serious health hazard. By completely closing off the chimney, a chimney balloon will cut off that avenue into your home, reducing the likelihood that you will need to remove animals from your home at any time of the year.

Keep Using the Fireplace

Chimney balloons come with a disengaging handle, which allows you to open the chimney balloon when you want to have a fire, much like a regular damper. This will allow smoke to escape your home when you have a fire, allowing you to keep using your fireplace as normal without fear of harmful gases and smoke collecting within your home.

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